Age in Place or Find a New Space™

Virtual Aging In Place Consultations

Expert guidance no matter where you live!

Age in Place or Find a New Space™




Virtual Aging In Place Consultations



Expert guidance no matter where you live!

Aging in Place is more than just putting up grab bars.

Evolving Homes' mission is to show people what their options are to create beautiful spaces that are safe and secure and make design decisions that improve resale value. 

We help you find simple DIY solutions to ultra luxury options that add value to your home.

We help you create a plan for the future so you can live a carefree life.

We offer:

  • Virtual Aging in Place Consultations
  • Online Exercise Programs
  • Remote Monitoring Services 

What people say:

"I didn't even think about that!"

"Evolving Homes listens to what clients and caregivers need to Age in Place."

"They only make recommendations based on what you need and connect you to the best possible resources."

We help people live carefree lives with beauty and confidence and we can help you too!

Find out more with a FREE phone consultation!


Personalized Aging in Place

How do we help you plan for your future?

We listen carefully. We consider your lifestyle. We consider the caregivers. 

We make recommendations that consider resale value and are cost-conscious given the timeline you expect to stay in your home.

We are clinicians. We look at the whole person when making recommendations.  

Aging in Place successfully requires all these to work together: 

  • Home Modification
  • Physical Fitness
  • Lifestyle Mentoring
  • Remote Monitoring

Are you just guessing what you need? 

Hear Sam's Story on how what he thought he needed to Age in Place didn't quite turn out the way he imagined.  Find out what happened in this video! 


Are you feeling  overwhelmed?

When you Google to find solutions, 700 products will come up. That's a lot of information to filter through an amateur lens. 

Don't spend hours researching to decide if something will work. Ask an Expert!

We have the medical background and the lived experience to tell you if this is the solution for you.

We will save you time, money and closet space on all those things that didn't deliver on their promise!


Virtual Aging in Place Consultations

Hospital to Home: 

We help caregivers get ready to take care of their loved ones when they come out of the hospital.

Virtual Consultations: 

We help people identify fall risks and barriers to Aging in Place.




I’m Carol Chiang, Occupational Therapist and former elite athlete.

I help older adults Age-in-Place through Home Safety Assessments & Online Exercise Programs.

I help athletes fix shoulder pain and slow the progression of Parkinson's Disease through exercise.


We design solutions that work.

We will talk about what is important to you and how we can make that a reality. 

We'll build your Aging in Place Plan together so you can live your life with safety, security and peace of mind.

Listen to interviews here about what is important for Aging in Place!


Heather Jackson

Jacksonville, FL

Post-Fall Virtual Consultation

"Evolving Homes was a tremendous resource when my Step father experienced a fall in their home. The Virtual Consultation included the whole family and she provided specific guidance and an assessment of the situation with kind and thoughtful suggestions. This process empowered my Mother to take action to keep my Step father safe in his home environment. Carol considered all aspects of the situation including personalities, cost and time. 

I work with the senior community in my line of business and would highly recommend Evolving Homes' services to clients looking to be proactive and for folks experiencing a crisis."

Parkinson's Disease

We are passionate about helping people with Parkinson's slow the progression of the disease through Exercise as Medicine.

I'm an Urban Poles Instructor as well as a Certified Parkinson's Wellness Recovery trained therapist.

I believe that you can do much more than you think if you just know HOW to move!


Live Your Best Life! 

Spend your days doing things that bring joy to your life with the people who make you the happiest.

When you have a home that is easy to live in and have positive aging habits, you will have ultimate freedom.

You'll be able to do anything you want, whenever you want!

Find out TODAY how you can feel full of energy everyday!


Online Exercise Programs

Exercise is medicine and is the key to independence & freedom.

"Build an Exercise Habit TODAY!" (Basic)


"Feel Confident with Your Balance ANYWHERE!" (Intermediate)


"Be Able to Get off the Floor EASILY!" (Advanced)


Grace Belkin

Ponte Vedra Beach, FL

30 Day Movement Challenge 

“This program has been so helpful. After the very first set of exercises, my shoulder pain has already lessened. The instructions and videos allow for easy copying of Carol’s motions. I do appreciate that Carol provides alternative positions if the pain thwarts the full sweeping motion. Highly recommend! Thank you Carol!

Nordic Walking 

Discover an exercise that improves posture and core muscles!

The goal of online exercise is to develop strength and confidence to get into fresh air and experience life!

Nordic Walking is basically cross country skiing without the skiis.

It's fun, inexpensive and outdoors. See how it can change your life!


Safety and Security

Remote Monitoring for Independent Living

Voice-activated remote monitoring systems are the future! 

When you combine entertainment with security, you get both answers to your questions and emergency help when you need it!

This military-grade encryption can help clients with mild cognitive deficits continue to live alone and protect them from being victims of telemarketers.


Accessible Realtor Services

The cost of making a space accessible can cost more than buying a new house!

When we combine home modification knowledge and MLS listings, we can produce an apples-to-apples comparison of the costs. 

We help guide families to find the best long term solution that considers personal preference and makes the most financial sense.

Make decisions based on real numbers instead of guesses!




I’m Carol Chiang, Occupational Therapist and former elite athlete.

I help older adults Age in Place through Home Safety Assessments & Online Exercise Programs.

I help slow the progression of Parkinson's Disease through exercise.


I can help you find answers!


I am passionate about sharing my knowledge so that people know what to look for in order to make the best decision for themselves. 

I love to teach people how to solve their own problems and where to look for help if they need it. 

My goal is to build self-reliance and help people stay in the homes they love. 

I believe that if you can build positive aging habits, you will have the freedom to do anything you want, whenever you want. 


"Carol Chiang is brilliant at helping others determine beautiful, tasteful and affordable solutions to making one's home safe and accessible.

Her whole philosophy of empowering people to know what they can do and "positive aging" is so refreshing.

We had a consult with Carol relative to our new home construction. We plan to be there for over a decade and want to be prepared as we age.

Carol has always emphasized that it is far cheaper to put in what you might need than to have to retrofit a home after it's been built.

She was painstakingly thorough and helped us examine everything in the builder's model, from the difficult doorknob, to the proper placement of grab bars, to the width of the kitchen and placement of microwave, to the weakness of the shower surround, to the lip from the master bedroom to the bathroom.

She also showed us how the slider door to the patio was an accident waiting to happen and gave us great ideas to overcome that.

I was so impressed with her knowledge, her ingenuity and creativity. Carol is a true professional and she has made such a difference in how we are planning our new home. We highly recommend Carol and Evolving Homes."


Snowden McFall

Private Practice

Pain Prevention & Treatment

Pain is not something you  have to learn to live with. Don't give up!

I help athletes of all ages get back to their sport.

I help older adults get back on track after an injury. 

You can't exercise if you hurt so let me find the root cause of the pain so we can get back to doing the things that you love again!


Jennifer Geric

I suffered from neck/shoulder/back pain exacerbated by playing tennis and working out for 2.5 years. I went to physical therapy, neuromuscular massage, chiropractor and acupuncture with little to no improvement, UNTIL I MET CAROL, who was recommended from another tennis player! During our first appointment Carol impressed me with her line of questioning. She wanted the big picture, rather than focusing on the specific areas of pain. Carol listened carefully, took notes, and learned where the pain was stemming from based upon my daily routine, habits, (including phone usage, driving, sleep habits) posturing, etc. She developed exercises to strengthen my areas of weakness, making sure each goal was attainable and not overwhelming. Within a few months I was able to play tennis again pain free and when the muscle tightness begins, I have the tools and plan to work it out. She is intelligent, caring, and realistic! I highly recommend!

Dr. David Belkin

Jacksonville, FL

In Office Evaluation & Treatment

“Carol is phenomenal. I recommend her to all my patients with soft tissue and muscular injuries. When doctors say “it’s uncurable just take pain meds”, I tell my patients not to accept that diagnosis and tell them to go to Carol. She succeeds where other therapists have failed. She thinks out of the box and grinds until she finds answers to problems that others say are unsolvable. I have seen it time and again. She has earned my trust and highest recommendation.

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