Home Safety Consultations

Do you know where the risks of falls are in your home?

Do you know what solutions exist out there to help you be able to continue to live independently?

Do you know what lifestyle changes are vital in preventing a fall?

Get the answers you need!




Here are 3 ways to work with me:


1. In Office Design Consultations:  1 hour consultations

"What are my options?

2. Virtual Home Safety Assessments:  1 hour consultations

"Assess room by room to see how we can make this space safer."

3. In Person Home Safety Assessments: 2 hour consultations

"How can I fix this space to make it work for me?"

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In Office Design Consultation


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Have an in person meeting and let's talk about what your options are! 

What you'll get:

  • Create an accessibility plan thoughtfully
  • Be able to touch and feel sample products
  • Recommendations for location based on photos

Placement matters! Have a conversation with an Aging-in-Place expert to determine where the best place is for YOU!

Virtual Home Safety Assesments


There are many potential solutions out there, each with their pros and cons.

We will save you money from having to try unknown products!

We will save your sanity and guide you through the solutions. 

We will save you time from having to return products that don't work for you. 

Virtual Consultations are the most efficient way to get a ton of expert information from an clinician with 25 years experience and a proven track record.


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How it works:

  1. Discussion of Goals

    - We'll talk about what the situation is, what level of caregiver support there is and what the concerns are around Aging-in-Place

    - We'll discuss what the goals are, what your lifestyle is like and what an ideal situation would look like!

  2. 2. Environmental Review: 

    - Prior to the visit, you will have emailed me still pictures of each room to assess. 

    - We'll look at the pictures together and I'll point out the areas that are potential fall hazards and safety concerns.

    1. Live Room-by-Room Assessment

    - After discussing the potential hazards, we will use the mobile device (phone, ipad) and take a walk! 

    - We will discuss the fall risks identified and ways to eliminate them.

    1. Wrap up

    - I will summarize the issues identified and prioritize the recommended solutions into short term and long term goals. 

    -  I will text Amazon links for any recommended solutions.

    - I will email links for the other resources discussed.

    5. Follow up Support

    - I will check-in periodically to see how the To-Do List is going! 

Kathy Haworth, Caregiver

Jacksonville, FL

"Carol is AMAZING!! Her in home consult was quite comprehensive, including coaching for some ergonomic ideas for my husband while he transitions through the phases of his mobility issues. She spoke real life solution ideas with me and my husband, and was very caring and compassionate and never made us feel rushed through her extensive evaluation.

Carol did a second follow-up visit to brainstorm additional design ideas with me and a contractor, so that we could talk about detailed design ideas for solutions that meet our needs now AND in the future. She then followed up with a written report that is quite thorough and specific. Her follow-through and attention to details has been incredible!!!

I feel that she truly cares about my husband's needs and I will continue to use her as a resource throughout this entire process. I highly recommend Evolving Homes for a consult for anyone needing to make a plan for accommodating any sort of impairment that may or will require home modifications! Thank you, Carol!!"

In Person Home Safety Assessments

Hospital to Home and Aging in Place Assessments are In-person assessments of the environment and caregiver needs assessments.

We provide clinical expertise to give you the information you need to make the best decisions for your loved ones.

Plan ahead to decrease stress and get better results!

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How it works:

  • Room by Room Assessment of Fall Risk
  • Product Recommendations and shopping assistance
  • Clinical reasoning to determine  optimal grab bar location for function
  • Prioritization of highest value changes needed with clinical 
  • Detailed Recommendations for both Short Term and Long Term Modifications by Email

Let us help you save time and money while leaving you prepared for anything life throws at you!

All-Inclusive rate covers travel time, 2 hour consultation and detailed email with direct links to recommended products and connections to trusted resources.

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Lawrence Warren, Caregiver

Jacksonville, FL

"My wife was about to be released from the Brooks Rehabilitation Hospital within 3 days and I felt overwhelmed. Reference my home, I didn’t really know what was required to prepare my home for her release and a successful homecoming. I contacted Carol and discussed my wife’s medical situation (she is not currently able to walk). Carol came to my home and she was PHENOMENAL!

She provided me with a plethora of ideas that helped me to implement a plan that would ensure a successful transition home and give my wife the spirit of being able to still function independently. She is a consummate professional and with a working background in occupational therapy, she was exceptionally knowledgeable in determining the best possible ways in making my home more accessible and functional. Not only was she a “life saver” she is always available to assist if you have questions or have issues regarding these type situations.

Carol, you prepared and better equipped us to handle a very difficult family situation. You are the best. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, contacting you was a true family blessing."


Home Safety Visits

Setting up your home before a loved one is discharged from the hospital can seem overwhelming. We can help!

We will help you sort out what your options are, the pros/cons of each and help you set up the services you need.

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Home Safety Visits

If you are planning to Age-in-Place, let's talk about the changes you should consider as you move forwards. 

It's always best practice and much more economical to build it right the first time rather than needing to make modifications after a bathroom update!

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