Caring For Seniors

Do you know what is your choices are for Aging-In-Place?  

Watch this Interview with  Adrienne Houghton to hear ideas on how you start planning ahead for the future!

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Medical Professionals Magazine

Find out more about why I feel so passionate about the work that I do!

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Do you like to pay Hurricane prices for questionable work? 

If the answer is no, then listen to this interview with Wendy Norfleet on the importance of having guidance when planning your next bathroom remodel. 

This will save you so much headache and keep you from wasting your money on having to redo it later!


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There's a lot to know about Aging-in-Place!

Knowledge is power right?

I've had 25 years of  learning what works and what seems like a good idea in theory but doesn't work in real life.

Follow me @EvolvingHomesJax on Instagram and Facebook for ideas to help make your life easier.

I share what to look for in assistive devices and recommendations to my favorite products.

I'm on a mission to help educate and advocate families everywhere.  Thank you for your support as I try to bring awareness to the need to plan ahead to a bigger audience through shows like HGTV and Netflix!


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Exercise, Caregivers and Aging-in-Place

What do you need to Age-in-Place successfully?

How can exercise save you lots of money in home modifications?

Listen to this radio interview with Michelle McCormick on 104.5 WOKV to find out!

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How to get up from a fall

Learning to get up and down off the floor is a vital skill as we age.

A fall in the home can result in significant pain and suffering.

At times, a fall marks the beginning of the end for many older adults as they fall in to the vicious cycle of inactivity, more falls and eventually giving up doing the things the love all because of the fear of falling.

Learn how to get yourself up off the floor and how to help someone else get off the floor.

Once you feel confident with your ability to get up and down off the floor, you will no longer fear falling. It just takes practice!


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Ignite Your Success 

Do you think grab bars are only for old people?

John Glenn was in peak shape at 42yrs old when he slipped in the shower and sustained a head injury!

I discuss reasons why grab bars should be a standard safety feature in bathrooms in this interview with Snowden McFall!


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Holiday Gift Ideas Webinar 2020

Hear about some great ideas that can make life easier!

Learn about the pros and cons and know what to look for when you're out shopping!

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Get Inspired!

Find ideas here that can help you plan for your future!

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