Nordic Walking Urban Poling

Meet the fitness trend that uses 90% of all your muscles, burns more calories than walking alone and engages the core so you don't have to do sit up anymore?? Yes, Please!

Cathy Espinoza

66 yrs, Training for a 1/2 Marathon!

Jacksonville, FL

"Carol recently introduced me to Nordic Walking and I love it! As an avid walker, the poles not only propel me and help increase my speed but they provide a great upper body workout. It's like being on an outdoor elliptical. Check out Carol's Videos or better yet, if you reside in Jacksonville, come join the fun!

Urban Poles for Rehab

Urban Poles are not your average hiking poles!

These poles were specifically designed by an Occupational Therapist to use for exercise!

They provide support and stability when working on getting up from a chair and can be used to work on cardio in sitting. 

Are you ready to work on core strengthening without risk of falls?


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Urban Poles for Fitness

Nordic Walking is a popular sport in many countries. It's basically cross country skiing without the poles!

They have a bootie tip instead of a bell tip and are designed to propel you forward. 

They are a less expensive than the Rehab poles because they have a lower weight limit of 80lbs per pole and they are a twist adjustment instead of a click. 

Are you ready to get a whole body workout AND burn a LOT of calories?


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Dr. Hester Petty

97 yrs young, loves to stay active & engaged

Jacksonville, FL

"I've been telling everyone I know about Urban poling. I can tell already it's made a big difference. It's really doing good for me to keep me active and it's fun!"

Nordic Poles for Rehab:

See how they can bring balance and more natural motion compared to a walker or cane.

WOW!! The first time using the ACTIVATOR poles, I was able to walk half an hour with NO PAIN! I have severe osteoarthritis, osteoporosis and I need bilateral knee replacement surgery. The ACTIVATOR poles allow me to be mobile without pain by taking the pressure off my joints and I feel secure that I won’t fall. Now that I am able to be more active, I am starting to lose weight. ACTIVATOR poles are giving me a new comfortable and promising lease on life. 

– Joyce Giles

I had a knee replacement and the poles have given me the confidence to go out in all kinds of weather and kept me from being housebound because of the pain and mobility issues. The ACTIVATOR poles gave me a workout, better balance and a way to take some of the pressure of my painful knee compared to a cane. I absolutely love my poles! 

– Sandra Birdsell

I immediately understood the benefits of the ACTIVATOR poles as an alternative to canes, crutches and even walkers. The poles encourage an upright and symmetrical posture, rather than the forward lean of a walker or an asymmetrical lean from one cane. There is also an immediate reduction in lower extremity pain when weight bearing as well as improved balance and walking confidence 

– Dolores Langford, physiotherapist

Christine Levchuk

Building back strength after health issues

Jacksonville, FL

"So happy with my walking as I look forward to it everyday. The other day I didn't use the poles and I couldn't believe how much my back and legs hurt! Poling does affect my arms and mid-section quite a bit."

Nordic Pole Stretches:

Anti-Computer Motions

1. Forward Stretches

2. Shoulder Squeezes

3. Stir the Soup


Urban Poles vs Hiking Poles: 

Hear more about the Activator Poles used in Rehab and for my Online Program Exercise Program



What's the difference from hiking poles?

  • These poles have a weight limit of 250lbs instead of the 40-60lbs for traditional hiking poles.
  • They have a bell shape bottom for increased stability over a pointed tip.
  • They have a special hand grip that are used to take the pressure off arthritic knees to allow someone to walk longer distances.
  • The design of the hand grip promotes the activation of the core muscles to make it easier to go from sit to stand. 
  • They decrease back pain by promoting normal walking patterns with opposite arm and leg swings (vs hunching over a walker.

Are you ready to do something different for better results?

Nordic Walking with Urban Poles Clinic

Get notified next time the FREE Nordic Walking with Urban Poles clinic is held!

You'll get a chance to try out the poles and see for yourself how great they are!