$125.00 USD

The ultimate goal of improving your core and balance is to start walking outside and working on health health!

35$ booties will turn Activator poles into Fitness poles (vs buying a set of Fitness poles!)

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Activator Poles for Rehab (Includes Shipping)

Urban Poles are not your average hiking poles!

These poles were specifically designed by an Occupational Therapist to use for exercise!

What's the difference?

  • These poles have a weight limit of 250lbs instead of the 40-60lbs for traditional hiking poles.
  • They have a bell shape bottom for increased stability over a pointed tip.
  • They have a special hand grip that are used to take the pressure off arthritic knees to allow someone to walk longer distances.
  • The design of the hand grip promotes the activation of the core muscles to make it easier to go from sit to stand. 
  • They decrease back pain by promoting normal walking patterns with opposite arm and leg swings (vs hunching over a walker.

I love these poles! They provide support and stability when working on getting up from a chair and can be used to work on cardio!