Safety & Security

for Independent Living

What makes these systems different?

Military grade encryption (backed by a million dollar privacy guarantee!)


24/7 Urgent Response center (with a response time that is faster than 911!)


Hassle free connection & travel friendly

Entertainment  + Security:

Remote Monitoring of the Future

“Help! I can’t get up!” pendants are going the way of the dinosaur.

So many of the Home Safety Assessments I do are a result of a fall where the client OWNED a device but it was forgotten in the nightstand or unused and uncharged.

Voice activated systems solve these problems and add a huge benefit of companionship and mental stimulation.

Best of all, this is hassle free technology that has a FASTER response time than 911!

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Help in the Bathroom

Fallen in the shower? Can't get out of the Tub? No problem! 

The Bathroom monitor will connect you to the Urgent Response Center to you can get help fast!

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Help with Mild Cognitive Deficits

Military-grade encryption keeps clients safe from telemarketers and can simplify tasks like ordering pizza to be independent in the home.

Voice activation allows communication without needing to be able to use a cell phone.

Alexa can remind you when to take medications, help you find that word that is on the tip of your tongue or play brain games to work on your memory. 

She provides answers to your questions and emergency help when you need it!


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Help wherever you are! 

Bring your own Alexa when you go out of town! 

I love that you can just pack this up and know you can get help wherever you are!

One phone call and you can use this anywhere in the USA!

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Simple and Risk free Guarantee

No multi-year commitments

No hidden fees or set up costs.

No equipment maintenance fees

Sleep better at night knowing your loved ones are safe. 

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